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About Us


We, Cookie Jar Child Care & Preschool provide early education and care for babies 0+ months and children up to 12 years of age in a nurturing, natural and flexible home learning environment and offer the opportunity for children to form genuine long lasting bonds with their qualified and passionate early childhood educator with individual learning programs for the child care reflecting the diversity of our community.


Our Home


State of California

Department of Social Services

Roseville License No: 313622189 

Rocklin License No: 313624893 

PediatricPlus, CPR, AED, First Aid

For Children, Infants, Adults Certified

Health & Safety in the Child Care Certified

Food Safety Manager Certified

Licensed Owners / Operators

4 Months - 12 Years of Ages to Serve

Registered Food Program

Smoke and Shoe Free Single Houses

in Peaceful Communities

Fenced Backyards / Playgrounds

Our Philosophy


Play and Learn… Children go through a lot of transformation in their early years. From birth through to age 6, young children experience a period of intense mental activity that allows them to absorb learning from their environment without conscious effort, naturally and spontaneously. Everything the child sees, hears, smells, touches and tastes helps in shaping up the brain for thinking, learning and feeling. It helps the child in understanding and exploring the world better. Each child has different individual developmental needs and learning style and we help them discover on their own way. During this time, children needs to stimuli that promote the development of their skills. That’s why we prepared our learning environment to meet the developmental needs of each age.

Our Program

We provide age-appropriate activities for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age children. Indoor and outdoor experiences for development and coordination of large and small muscles.  We planned activities which encourage stimulate the emotional, social and physical development of each child in a variety of such as music, dance, art, cooking, dramatic play, storytelling, problem solving and more…

Literacy, language, math development, art craft activities, health, safety, or nutrition projects, puzzles, games, manipulatives, construction and blocks, free play time, field trips, selected educational videos, individual quiet activities.








Full Day Session

 7:00 am - 5:30 pm


Thanks to Our Fabulous Parents

We absolutely love this daycare center! Our daughter Ruby Lou adores Pinar and Avni and always has no problem during drop off time! Ruby is always well fed and takes good naps! We feel very fortunate to have found this place and that Ruby is well taken care of!
Highly recommend this center!"

Tiffany S.

Finding child care was really tough and it took a while for us to find the right place. Cookie Jar has been fantastic for our daughter. Socializing with other kids, daily activities in a safe and fun environment plus dealing with the overall stress of being away from Mom and Dad for the fist time. She is always happy going to day care and happy when she comes home! This was all new to us as first time parents but thankfully Pinar and Avni are as good at taking care of us parents as they are with the children. We have talked with other parents who all have had the same experience as us.
Great environment for your son or daughters to learn play and grow.

Scott R.

Cookie Jar was our son's first daycare. Me and my husband were very anxious at first. But Pinar and Avni's expertise with kids gave us peace of mind. They are very conscious with cleanliness and are very organized. The ratio of kids that they are taking care is very good, so no kid is neglected. The couple really take good care of the kids like their own.
Our son has really enjoyed his time at Cookie Jar.

Suzette C.

I feel so lucky to have found Pinar and Avni at Cookie Jar Child Care. I got to meet with them in their home before Covid and was extremely pleased to see their gorgeous home in a nice, safe neighborhood which looked to welcoming and fun for the kids with plenty of room for them to sprawl out and play. Pinar and Avni felt familiar- like family, and presented as a perfect mix of fun, caring in a maternal/paternal sense, health conscious (Pinar cooks the meals!), educational and structured, yet flexible and relaxed. Our daughter has a hard time in new environments and with new people, and it did take several weeks for drop offs to become tearless. Thankfully, Avni and Pinar are very experienced and knowledgeable and walked me through what they anticipated that experience looking like for her (which ended up being accurate) and were patient and compassionate with both her and I as we adjusted. My daughter never "adjusted" to her previous daycare but now she happily gets in the car when I tell her it's time to go and is in such a happy mood at pick up. They were honest with me in the beginning that my daughter was quiet and kept to herself and kept me updated as she started coming out of her shell. I would like to take credit for all her learning and development, but I can tell how much Avni and Pinar have helped her grow and how good daycare has been for her. Our daughter is ahead of her peers her age and loves her friends at daycare (as do I) but especially LOVES Avni! She always asks for him and it's so funny and cute! 
I highly recommend this daycare for anyone who's looking for an at home daycare environment with trustworthy and caring people. 
Julia P.

Our son went to Cookie Jar daycare for about 5 months and after the first bit of adjustment period, he was really happy there. He was only there for a short period of time due to a work change situation. They are so caring and engaged with the kids there, and I was very happy with the way they took care of my son. Heartily recommend.
Quinn H.

This daycare is AMAZING! I absolutely trust Pinar and Avni with my 2.5 year old and she LOVES going to daycare! She never cries at drop off and instead starts dancing in excitement when we get to the front door! She is always fed healthy food and has a great nap time experience!
We are SO LUCKY we found this daycare!
We will be with Cookie Jar until she is ready for school!

Tiffany S.

Cookie Jar Child Care was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad I registered my son there. I highly recommend them and trust them with my toddler. I was nervous to leave him at a daycare at first but my son has loved it there from day one. The child care is run by a sweet caring family who make the kids feel right at home. I love that they have so many toys in an educational setting. It's both a daycare and preschool. The place is very clean and organized and they offer a variety of activities to keeps the kids entertained. If you're looking for a safe, loving, clean, fun, educational place for your child this is the place to check out!

Dura M.

My 2 year absolutely loves his daycare and is happy when he goes there everyday. He loves their schedules and playtime. They are homebased and provide personal care for the little ones with home made fresh food and snacks everyday.
We would highly recommend Cookie Jar for your childcare needs.

Priya P.

The teachers at Cookie Jar are great caregivers and treat my children like their own. They have excellent communication which is extremely important when trusting others to care for my babies. The other parents are welcoming and my children have adjusted to the daycare setting and other children very quickly. This daycare is very clean and organized to provide the best possible care. I couldn't be more impressed!
Sunny T.

Pinar and Avni are very friendly and kind. They are taking great care of the kids. Pinar always tries to keep the daycare clean. She has very healthy snacks and meals for kids too. Organized every toy very well and my son was happy there playing with the toys.
They gave us updates throughout the day by app.
I highly recommend them.

Jessica K.

My toddler started his full time with Cookie Jar couple of months ago. We absolutely love their service and care for our little one. They are a home care set up with good meal plan and play schedules. Owners are very friendly and reliable.
We would definitely recommend them. 

Pal M.


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We are so lucky to have Pinar and Avni as our son's daycare providers. They provide a very caring and safe space for the kids. I love the learning environment; Pinar and Avni do their research and work on skill building and childhood development. I see my son learning new things all the time- motor skills, social/emotional, and educational. Cookie Jar is a great blend of love and attention with teaching and structure. I see my son growing here in so many ways, and I am glad he has a second family at Cookie Jar. 
I recommend Cookie Jar Child Care without a doubt!

Michelle S.

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